1. I made a new clothes line on the backward.

    I pity 1st world citizens who spend electricity drying clothes! XD
    I also feel sad that some places on USA ban this type of lines. 
    During the summer I’ll dry outside on my new 30 meters line, during the winter I dry on the attic. :-D
    I’m cheap but yea I do save a lot of money.

  2. bethburger:

    R.I.P. Johnny Winter.

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  3. Audiophile Setup. by Pagedown1975 on Flickr.

    Wonderful and tasteful setup and those B&W and monoblocks look beautiful.

  4. aminaidrissi:

    Flower duet - Anna Netrebko & Elina Garanca (Lakmé de Delibes)  

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  5. The end of the wall…more to come.

  6. http://www.distortionofsound.com/

    Beware of the sponsors ;-) 

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  8. kat-howard:


    Shakespearean insults, with cats.

    7 more here.

    I did not realize how very perfect cats were at delivering Shakespeare’s insults until now.

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  9. The last original The Ferrari 330 P4….Beauty made by hand.


  10. Beware Portuguese sun.

    So you are a tourist that lives up in the north of Europe and think its cool to have a tan in a sunny warm country like Portugal…think again!
    Right now I’ll go out to the sun to work again on my backward, had to stop at midday, this means I had to wait more than 4 hours to avoid the hellish Portuguese sun and its not even the hottest month of the year!  

    Piece of free advice do not tan on the beach from 12 to 15 hours, believe me Portuguese’s are naturally tanned and get nasty sunburns so you can imagine some tourists. Behold my UV level today!


    Thats a level 10 UV level my friends, max is 11+. 

    Oh yes level 50 sunscreen will protect your skin a bit, at least I don’t smell like burned pig after a day of work…This is not BS…so if you visit bring a hat, buy sunscreen and drink lots water!

  11. splitsider:

    Behold the first video from Weird Al’s Mandatory Fun album.

    So much fun and the lyrics are so true! XD Working with a smile today!

  13. truebluemeandyou:

    DIY Recycled Book to On the Go Mini Art Studio Tutorial from Crafts Unleashed. Detailed tutorial using lots of glue and staples and some machine sewing (that you could do by hand). For another book to sketch book tutorial go here. For more book clutches go here: truebluemeandyou.tumblr.com/tagged/diy-book-clutch and for more recycled book DIYs go here: truebluemeandyou.tumblr.com/tagged/books

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  14. shakeelnaim:

    The Revolutionary Astell Kern AK240 Hi-Rez Portable Media Player

    Another AK240 video review, this time by Tyll Hertsens of Innerfidelity