1. Raspberry Pi and some thoughts.

    So I got the the B version of the Pi and the compatible Wolfson Dac board.
    I also have a 12V 7” TFT that I’ll plug to the analogue video out because I
    didn’t find any hdmi TFT around my area. Besides that I have a shitty
    keyboard and a mouse for my laptop that I might change for something
    smaller on the long run.
    For power supplies I bought a second hand 5V 1.5A Sony PSP one for the
    raspberry (will solder a new jack) and a 12V 2A one for the TFT (It was
    originally made for cars)
    For OS I’ll use Noobs and try stuff, the thing that works better with the
    DAC will be my main choice. I don’t need a pretty GUI, I just need a GUI to
    chose songs and a decent player for Flac files.
    I also a decent HDD support.
    The box will be the same model I used to built my headphone amp, so I’ll
    have to extend those A/V output/inputs to the back plate via cables. the
    USB/LAN ports will be facing the back for easy access. I need to think
    about the access to the SD card but I think I’ll just cut a hole on the
    bottom of the box for easy access.
    I’ll use a dual switch to power the boards and the TFT but no PSU will be
    inside the box.
    I should actually shield the boards and I have the materials to do it but
    first I want to test the setup.

    If the thing actually boots OK and the DAC runs fine I’ll think about those
    little details, if people put raspberry Pi inside Lego boxes why should I
    worry about shielding.

    I should make a power supply for the raspberry…but first I want to see if
    noise goes to the outputs of the DAC…Fingers crossed because I don’t want
    to spend any more money.

    I do have a little problem because I only have two USB ports, so I need one
    for the HDD and one for at least a mouse, keyboard will be only used for
    setup I hope.

    Setup will be something like, run audio player on boot (If the OS lets me
    do it) and mount HDD.
    Thats about it…I hope….sometimes I hope too much..


  2. The crazy bat audiophile syndrome and the raspberry pi

    Did you ever noticed people looking at you in a strange way after you talk
    about your audio hobby to them? That “you are a crazy bat” look after we
    talk about audio gear or something related?
    I find it funny people don’t look that way when someone says they spend all
    their savings on a collectors car or other collectors items.
    Expensive cars are ok for most people but audio gear is for crazy bats only!

    I bought a raspberry Pi B, a Wolfson DAC card and also had to buy a 7” TFT,
    when I explained the application to the seller she looked at me like I was
    crazy to spend 85€ on a screen to control a micro computer…I felt a bit
    sad because of her look, sad because I know many people think the same
    about other people who enjoy building stuff for audio. From my point of
    view I would be even more crazy if I spent 2000€ on a Sony ES audio server
    when I can build one for about 250€ and use some external HDD I had laying
    around, plus if I get tired of it I can always use it for another task
    unlike the Sony one.

    The raspberry pi is an amazing platform I always wanted to try, I could use
    the OS Volumio but I don’t want more LAN cables around my house, plus it
    still needs a tablet or PC to work and I don’t want that because my kids
    tend to kidnap my desktop to watch Disney stuff.
    The raspberry/Wolfson/TFT combo is also a way to save some money on the
    long run.
    Audio servers are expensive, laptops don’t enjoy running for long periods
    of time, desktops need lots of juice and make too much noise, plus my
    living room has too much moist during the winter so I must be careful.

    Now I look like a crazy bat again…I should buy old cars I know…

  3. Because I can….

  4. ttopcoupe:


    Mini work truck, jobox mounted & spare relocated @icweld👍 #toyota #yota #tacoma #taco #freeride #austin #texas (at Freeride Fabrication)

    Rear suspension travel? Maybe it’s an illusion but it doesn’t look like there’s much there.

    It’s an illusion, the “mud stoppers” give you the size of the tire, from there you can see that the box has some space to the tire. Wonderful truck btw.   


  5. Like animation, see this please…


  6. Audio gear, children and concessions.

    I’m a dad so I have little ones running around the house, they are usually
    calm but can also brake stuff at an amazing speed, sadly they love my
    stereo because all of those little knobs.

    First concession, I must keep my gear hidden behind glass doors or covers,
    this also means I must cover my loudspeakers.

    Second concession, if they brake stuff I can’t get angry at them, I need to
    explain why they shouldn’t brake my stuff. I only got upset and loud when I
    found my older one chewing the cable of my cellphone charger, now I was mad
    as a bat because she tried to hide it from me, plus the thing was actually
    charging the cell so she could get hurt from her little stunt! I’m sure
    she’ll never try it again.

    Third and final concession, I can’t hear music like before when they are at
    home. If you want to be a parent and enjoy sitting down and hearing some
    music forget about that until they are old enough.
    Meanwhile buy some good headphones a portable amp and a good music player
    and try to hear music before bed because loud music will be a no no with
    kids at home, unless its music from their favorite movies or series.

    BTW if you got floor-standing loudspeakers beware your children, those
    woofers will get pushed inside faster than you can say “Let it Go” lol.

  7. Cleaning the stereo, don’t worry about the magazines above the receiver, the power sector was disconnected because one channel is dead, so I only use it for FM.   
    Yep the Kef are decoupled with foam…those glass doors are evil I know but I must live with them. For critical audiophile BS I have headphones, in fact you can see the PSU from my headamp on the magazines. It’s waiting for the revision of the amp. 
    Btw the receiver is stacked above the CD player because I’m lazy, one of these days I’ll change it’s place.


  8. Cable calibration, Audiophile Fail For Fools.

    I now have a new abbreviation, it’s the “AFFF”, sadly I think I’ll use it
    A certain cable company that I shall not name has a service that made me
    laugh and face palm all at the same time.

    It’s called speaker cable calibration and certification, the audiophile
    companies never stop to amaze me in all of their BS glory.

    Looking at the cable and knowing that in the past, someone actually
    dissected one of the brand in question, I can understand why they need to
    be calibrated for certain systems, it’s not just a cable, if you get my

    So besides buying a expensive ass cable, you also need to buy a expensive
    ass service.

    AFFF because a good laugh is not always enough.


  9. halalbacon:

    The human brain is an amazing organ. It functions 24 hours a day from the day we are born and only stops when we are taking an exam

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  10. The NwAVGuy mystery.

    I have a deep respect for the NwAVGuy work on the O2 amplifier and like so
    many other enthusiasts around the audio circle I wonder what happened to
    him, so I really wish he is well and happy.

    There are some theories behind his disappearance. NwAVGuy’s death or the
    death of someone near him, got a job on a big ass company and must remain
    quiet, JFK style assassination paid by some audiofail companies (this one
    is a joke, OK) or maybe he just got tired of all the circus behind
    audiophile gear and stopped working for community for free.

    Removing the death by assassination, I think all of those options are valid
    but I’ll go for the real death of NwAVGuy. Nobody knew his age for sure so
    he might have kicked the bucket without telling his family about his
    endeavors. If he is alive I’ll be truly happy, but after so many calls from
    the community and so many time gone by, something really went sideways in
    his life for sure.

    Dead or alive his legacy will not be forgotten by the community.


  11. Reblog if you still buy CD’s.

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  13. manchannel:

    "On a given day, a given circumstance, you think you have a limit. And you then go for this limit and you touch this limit, and you think, ‘Okay, this is the limit.’ As soon as you touch this limit, something happens and you suddenly can go a little bit further. With your mind power, your determination, your instinct, and the experience as well, you can fly very high." - Ayrton Senna

  14. historicaltimes:

    Armoured samurai with sword and dagger c. 1860

    Read More

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  15. JRC4556, shipment prices and other rants.

    Sometimes I really hate living in Portugal, If I want to buy some JRC4556
    for my low impedance headphone amp I must pay 18€ of shipment doesn’t
    matter if it’s 1 or 30 op-amps, if the purchase doesn’t go above 65€ the
    shipment must be paid.
    I get people must get paid to make my shipment but 18€ for some ICs sent
    via UPS airmail, what about normal mail these days?
    I’m not in a good mood because I can’t find that JRC chip locally.
    Requested 10 samples to the JRC factory but I really don’t believe they
    send them to me. Grado uses that 4556 op-amp for a reason, it drives low
    impedance loads like a marvel even if audiophiles say it’s a piece of shit.
    Curious note is the fact many audio companies use it for their headphone
    stage…yea engineers know better as usual.
    I have lots of JRC op-amps but none of them beats the 4556 specs for the
    low impedance applications.

    On a side note I had cold feet about two of my favorite diy headphone amp
    websites and downloaded both using Wget, I know its wrong to mirror a
    website but I have a feeling those sites will go down the drain one of
    these days.
    I also download manually some important Korean forum topics made by the
    amazing Sijosae, about 120Mb of data safely stored for future reference.

    Sijosae made amps from 2002 to 2006 and they are really amazing things
    layout wise. These days I think he enjoys cycling more than headphone amps
    and I understand him because they guy build almost all diy headphone amps
    there was to build and also designed some more, so yea I’m sure he got
    tired of diy.

    I must admit one thing, building audio gear isn’t a good idea on the long
    run, because I don’t want to have tons of gear stored at home, I must think
    about what I’m gonna do with old projects. Electronic gear is a bit futile,
    it’s different than building a wood box, a chair, table or any other type
    of long term projects. Even so it’s really fun to do on my free time so I
    don’t want to stop now.
    Believe or not I didn’t have resources to do this kind of stuff when I was
    a teen, stores on my area were expensive and I didn’t have the internet to

    Anyone has some JRC4556AD chips to sell for a decent price? I shall sit
    down on this one. lol it will be a long wait.